Frequently Asked Questions

Here I've gathered a few questions that I get asked often. If you can't find the answer to what you're looking for, feel free to contact me directly. I'll update this list as I get more feedback/questions.

Rest Beacon (iOS or Android) can't find Rest on OS X or Windows, why?

For the Rest mobile helper apps to work, your devices need to be on the same network. If they are, and you still can't connect, make sure there is no firewall blocking Rest on your OS X or Windows computer. Additionally, on Windows, make sure you have also installed Apple's Bonjour for Windows services which is a free download.

Rest keeps resetting and never reminds me to take a break, what gives?

If you have "Count a break only when I stop using the computer" on, along with a short break period (30 seconds to 1 min), it may be that you are reading articles or watching a short video where you are not using neither your mouse nor your keyboard, so Rest thinks you took a break and tries to be helpful by resetting the timer to 0, so you start a full work cycle again. To solve this you can increase the length of your break, or turn off the "Count a break only when I stop using the computer" - in which case Rest will cycle between work and rest/break periods without taking your computer activity into account.

What's the minimum OS version I need to have to use Rest?

If you're running OS X, you need 10.8 or above. There are no plans to support older versions of OS X. If you're running Windows, you need Windows 7 or above. Vista may work, but there are no plans to officially support versions older than 7.

How does the automatic break detection work?

Rest receives information from your operating system about whether you're active on your computer or not. When you have Automatic break detection on, if you're in work mode, Rest will automatically reset the timer when you step away from your computer for a while. When it's time for a break, Rest goes into "Overdue" mode (as in overdue for a break), and will only count a break if you stop using the computer for the duration.

What if I have automatic break detection off?

If Automatic break detection is off, Rest will automatically cycle between work and break modes, without taking into account your computer activity.

What's the Pomodoro Technique and where can I find more information about it?

The website does a great job at explaining it. At it's core, it's a time management technique that helps you get things done.

I know the defaults are 25 min of work and a 5 min break, but what have you personally found to work best?

I quite like the 55 minutes of work and a 5 minute break — I find it gives me enough work time to really focus on the task at hand, yet prevents me from burning through the day without taking a breath.

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