Rest was made possible by the following technologies and people who knowingly or unknowingly contributed to it's development.

Special thanks...

... to Camille Frantz for her tremendous help with everything from feature suggestions, bug reporting to extensive testing and feedback.

Technologies used

The Rest Mac and iOS apps were written in Objective-C, the Windows version in C# with the .NET framework. This website was made in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, using the Laravel 5 framework, served by an Nginx server, hosted on a VPS by the superb Digital Ocean. Workflow includes Gulp, Vagrant, Git.

Image credits

The Windows version, starting from v1.9, uses free (do whatever you want) photos from the superb Unsplash website.

Sound credits

mmm.wav by tc630
AM FM Violins.wav by KatHakaku
violin spiccato G3.aif by ldk1609
Ab ouch.wav by NoiseCollector
PianoMood37.wav by HerbertBoland
PianoMood1.wav by HerbertBoland
guitar.intro01.wav by dobroide
Instrument_gong_soft.aif by vrodge
Gong1.wav by pfeifferc
Xylophone tones.mp3 by Aeonemi
Trumpethit07.wav by Meutecee

Image credits for the older Windows versions

Impending Storms by Paul Bica
Southern Alps by Paul Bica
Winter Road by Pavel P.
Vegas in the Desert by Bert Kaufmann
Sunset Across The English Channel by A Guy Taking Pictures
Dark Sky Over A Blue Sea by A Guy Taking Pictures
Beetle Rock Sunset #1, Sequoia National Park by H Matthew Howarth
Peering Through The Long Grass by A Guy Taking Pictures
Aonach Meadhoin, Glen Shiel by H Matthew Howarth
When Doves Cry by José Manuel Ríos Valiente
Coffee, black by Quinn Dombrowski
Relax by oarranzli