Rest Beacon

Rest Beacon, a companion app, running on a white iPhone

Take a break with a peace of mind

What happens if you want to take a 5, 10 minute break outside, enjoying your patio, backyard or socializing at the office watercooler? With other break reminders, you'd have to manually setup alarms or remember not to waste too much time.

Rest Beacon, a helper app for your phone or tablet, works with Rest on your desktop, offers handy functionality for quickly setting a reminder to come back to work. That way, you take your much needed breaks, and still get things done.

Available for iOS 7 or greater (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch); and soon Android 4 or greater.

Oh, and once you've bought Rest for your desktop, the iOS helper app is completely free.

A break reminder made to help

Easy to use

Just launch the app on your phone or tablet and wait a couple of seconds until it connects to Rest on your desktop. After that, you're just a button away from setting a handy reminder to let you know when your break ends.


No information is ever sent to third party servers, all communication is done on your network.

Useful, for real

You can now enjoy your patio, garden or yard without worrying about hearing your computer's break end sound.

Improve your days now, get Rest

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